2 practical tools to convert your creativity into effective productivity

Saturday August 29th in Amsterdam


- TRIP (for kinesthetic innovation and creativity)
- eMotion: Aligning your intrinsic motivation (or your collaborator's) with your strategy and ambitious objectives to move forward effectively

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Do you want to be notified for a future workshop, send an email to tripemotion@pablofranzo.com  with a message "Please notify me for future TRIP + eMotion workshops in Amsterdam" (you can copy+paste it) and we´ll let you know of the event well ahead so you don´t miss it.

Three experienced trainers from different backgrounds have come together to provide in a one day workshop, the value of a 3 day event:

  • Helena Lizari, a choreographer and dancer, and Koos Vos, an experienced organizational coach, will teach how to make use of your own body and intuition. How the body can guide you in your decision-making. How to increase your creativity and social interaction to move towards your goals. The model: TRIP model (Touch get Ready and Impulse your Project)
  • Pablo Franzo will guide you to practice and make use of the skills that will enable you to align your intrinsic motivation to your ambitious goals using the eMotion model.

Both are tools that you´ll be able to use freely no just for your own advances into the next level of whatever you want to achieve, but also to use them with your team and your practice with others.

Short description of the organizers:

  • Pablo Franzo is a Senior member accredited by the International Coaching Federation with more than 10 years of experience helping people and organizations to achieve ambitious and measurable objectives.
  • Koos Vos is senior associate professor at EADA Business School in Barcelona.
    As a trainer and a coach he has been challenging for 15 years the leadership of managers from around 50 different countries. Creating awareness and vision, taking charge of your path.
  • Helena Lizari has been exploring the human body all her life. She has done her master studies at the prestigious School for Dance Development in Amsterdam. She has an extensive international track record as a creator and performer combined with working as Feldenkrais practitioner. She will enable you to include your body as essential part of your decision making.
 See Pablo, Helena and Koos telling us more about the workshop: